Thursday, November 02, 2006

Solidaridad con Oaxaca

On this - El Día de Los Muertos - we must remember that indigenous people of this land are still carrying on the fight against imperialism that has been waged since the first Europeans arrived on these shores.

Arizona Indymedia has the following links with news and photo updates:

10/29: Update from Oaxaca pt. 1 10/30: Update from Oaxaca pt. 2, Update from Oaxaca pt. 3 10/31: Update from Oaxaca pt. 4

10/31: English translation of update posted to Indymedia Oaxaca (translation by AZ Indymedia)

11/1: Update from Oaxaca pt. 5 - Update from Oaxaca pt. 6 (this is a translated article)

Minute-to-minute update of events on 10/31 in Oaxaca City, from Centro de Medios Libres de Oaxaca (translation by AZ Indymedia)

Minute-to-minute update of events on 11/1 in Oaxaca City and Across Mexico from CML Oaxaca (translation by AZ Indymedia)

Photos from Indybay journalist in Oaxaca

Plus, the poetic waxing of Nezua is not to missed on what it means to stand in support of human rights - to be part of a movement that is truly sin fronteras.

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