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Roy Warden Given Green Light To Keep Hating

First the news
Anti-illegal-immigration activist Roy Warden was acquitted Wednesday by a Tucson Municipal Court judge of several charges stemming from a Mexican-flag-burning protest.

Warden, 59, had been charged with one count of assault, one count of reckless burning and one count of disorderly conduct.

He was cited and released by Tucson police April 11, a day after he and members of the Border Guardians burned a Mexican flag at Armory Park. The Border Guardians and Warden were surrounded by hundreds of protesters who marched in opposition to legislation they said was unfair to immigrants.

The Border Guardians, as you may know, are one of the many intersections in the white supremacist web that is being woven across the United States. The Southern Poverty Law Center warned in April that:
A prominent anti-immigration leader has secretly urged the nation’s largest neo-Nazi group to launch a campaign of violence and harassment against undocumented workers in the United States.

Laine Lawless, who started a group called Border Guardians last year, sent an April 3 e-mail to Mark Martin, "SS commander" of the Western Ohio unit of the National Socialist Movement, which has 59 chapters in 30 states. It was titled, "How to GET RID OF THEM!"

The e-mail from Lawless, who was also an original member of Chris Simcox’s vigilante militia before it morphed into the Minuteman Project in early 2005, detailed 11 suggestions for ways to harass and terrorize undocumented immigrants, including robbery and "beating up illegals" as they leave their workplace.

"Maybe some of your warriors for the race would be the kind of people willing to implement some of these ideas," Lawless wrote. "I’m not ready to come out on this. ... Please don’t use my name. THANKS."

Domestic Terrorism - yet little to nothing is being done to prevent an international incident along the border. Roy Warden and his ilk are a danger to society. And make no mistake about their intentions - they target any and all Latinos that come in their path. If your skin is brown, you're an illegal.
With a fanny pack loaded with water bottles strapped to his belly, a Glock 9mm on his hip, and a bullhorn to amplify his outrage, Roy Warden, 59, emerged this spring as one of the country's most controversial, volatile, and, many believe, dangerous characters of the anti-immigration movement. Along with occasional sidekicks Russ Dove, a former militia leader and convicted car thief, and Laine Lawless, the founder of the group Border Guardians who earlier this year urged neo-Nazis to terrorize Hispanics, Warden has burned and trampled Mexican flags in public, nearly started at least one riot, regularly wreaked havoc on Tucson City Council proceedings, and E-mailed a death threat to a prominent local public defender. Without regular followers or even a named group behind him, Warden is a one-man band of immigrant-bashing hate, a man so untamed that other anti-immigration activists shun him as an embarrassment.

Shun him? I think not:
4. Comment by Jeff B. (#2389) — November 2,2006 @ 1:01AM
Rating: 30 Thumbs Up

Congrat's to Mr. Warden ! Like I've said before, There is no law against burning the flag of invader.

7. Comment by Mary H. (Mismary) — November 2,2006 @ 2:07AM
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Mr. Warden is an American PATRIOT! He suffered the indiginty of being arrested and did US a favor... by exposing the illegal invaders as the violent criminals that many of them are!


18. Comment by John M. (Vetrep1) — November 2,2006 @ 6:11AM
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They can burn our flag but we can't burn theirs. What BS! Right on Border Guardians keep up the good work.

19. Comment by SHERRY B. (OLGLORY) — November 2,2006 @ 6:17AM
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"Poverty stricken" is irrelevant. What we're "afraid" of is hordes of illegals;, Mexican, Arab, Guatemalan, Russian, Chinese....., who have no respect for our laws, our culture, our language, our budget, our customs, or us. What we are "afraid" of is liberal activist judges and pandering politicians who dismiss our concerns and thwart our wishes with disdain and arrogance. Thanks to professors, teachers, and a media almost entirely invested in an extreme ideology, many of our citizens are taught that our American culture is inferior and unworthy of our dedicatioon and embrace and thus they see no tragedy in losing it.

21. Comment by J P. (#4811) — November 2,2006 @ 7:08AM
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Congrats Warden. It is a shame that our country will arrest an American who is burning the flag of the invaders, meanwhile millions of illegal aliens can march in the streets, waive their flag, sing our national anthem in their language, and nothing happens. What a joke. Next time they march bring in an AC-130 and mow them down. Burn one for me Warden.

What the ignorant trolls at the Arizona Daily Star's website don't realize is that there is ample proof to call them all a festering pus ball of racism - yet you'll be met with utter indignation if you suggest that they are racist. Makes no sense to me, what else do they think their hate represents? The rule of law? Ha! Even if that were true, who would want to live in the country they are trying to bring about? A better question - who would they allow to join them in their shiny beacon of a nation?

It doesn't take much scratching below the surface to see the ties between the anti-immigrant groups and white supremacist terrorist organizations. Use The Google if you must.

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