Monday, March 13, 2006

All the news and then none

Well, I went looking for news to post and talk about, but after reading two or three sites, I just got depressed and decided to forget about that ;).

I don't know how much news and entertainment (music, video games, etc.) affects culture, but surely there must be a good alternative to this "if it bleeds, it leads" stuff. Not that only "good news" type stories would be any better... it's just that it seems as if things are presented as way worse than they are in some areas, while the places or situations they are really bad are all but ignored.

So, maybe this post is about a critical eye on news and events - what do we really know and how do we know we know it?

Update: Well I did find a news item... in addition to ductape and plastic, the Bush administration is now advising that we put tuna and powdered milk under the bed, I guess to feed the Commies. If you are unable to locate your under-the-bed Commie (I never have) I imagine it would be okay to put emergency food stuffs in a cupboard or box?

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