Sunday, March 26, 2006

barreling through the barrio

I know we usually meander, but it's been a bizzy, bizzy day (week, even) for me so far, so I'm still in fast mode!

I hope everyone (or at least their blogs) has on their Sunday Best, cuz here we come to see the day.

First up... DuctapeFatwa updated his blog! And, as usual, it was well worth the wait. Not only has he written (just a 'lil bit tongue-in-cheek) about how to stop illegal immigration (also posted here on this blog) and the new flower power, but he's given us one of those incomparable glimpses into the lives of people you'd almost swear you knew, in Insurgent Cleansees: A True Story of Katrina Survivors and Surprise.

This is a joke, right? was my first reaction to catnip's stories about CMD's and FMD's... but no, not only is irony dead, but so is outrageous speculation and "what if's"! Plus, she's been on top of the Washington Post right-wing blogger implosion and has also done a round up of interesting news stories.

I think more and more people are realizing what a benefit Eat4Today is, regardless of what it is they are trying to accomplish for the day... the idea of just taking things on just for today is something that anyone can do, and more and more are. Today, katiebird talks about the value of friends and the commitment.

Over at Migra Matters, Duke has the most amazing picture up of the pro democracy/immigration rights march in LA, while xicanopwr covers Houston, as well as information of upcoming events. On the news here they showed busloads of high school kids who were going from school to school attempting to get other students to do a walkout and join the march. We have no idea how many would have, as the schools locked down and would allow no one in or out. (Not really surprising, but still... heh.)

[UPDATE!]Of course we have to see what olivia has been up to - she always has surprises in store. Evening at the Hollywood Bowl could also, quite easily, be A Day at the Air Show. Who knew? And more sneaky stuff... this next one olivia first posted in December, but re-posted it now to see what we thought of it. katie's mind went off on a predictable path (okay, and mine followed) but for some reason the picture is still not named "Waiting for my Bee"! And speaking of bugs, get a load of this not so little guy saying, So much pollen, so little time.

Oh, and hey... my little corner of the internets is updated as well... thanks to katiebird, actually. How, she probably asks? Well, instead of getting overwhelmed by the huge job it can be, I've figured out how to partition it out so that all I have to concentrate is just this one thing, just for today :).

BlogArts News! The first blogarts conspiracy will begin on Monday, April 3. I'll write up a thingy on how it will work and people can either post that on their blogs, or some sort of thing like it in their own words. We should probably post on bootrib too? We'll limit the entries to 30, and if we get that many, just have two each day, for a total of 15 days.

Someone needs to come up with 4 interesting and informative (to the reader) questions for the participants to answer, though.

More to come!

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