Monday, March 06, 2006

Preparing for an Iraq Pull-out

George might be an "All Hat, No Cattle" cowboy, but I wonder if His Petulancy will continue his freedom march in Iraq given the latest bombshell on the coalition of the un-willing.
Britain plans to pull out nearly all its soldiers from Iraq by the summer of 2008, with the first withdrawals within weeks, a top military commander said in an interview published on Tuesday.

Lieutenant General Nick Houghton, Britain's most senior officer in Iraq, outlined a phased two-year withdrawal plan in an interview with the Daily Telegraph newspaper.

"There is a fine line between staying too long and leaving too soon," he was quoted as saying. "A military transition over two years has a reasonable chance of avoiding the pitfalls of overstaying our welcome but gives us the best opportunity of consolidating the Iraqi security forces."


The liberal community will argue that we overstayed our welcome the second troops from the West crossed into the sovereign nation of Iraq. If not at that moment, then definitely when we began torturing, rendition flights, and gunpoint terrorism of women and children on the streets of that country to locate insurgents.

With the announced departure of Great Britain troops from Iraq, pressure will continue to mount on BushCo to follow suit. Since we know how they operate, and won't go down without a fight, how can we prepare for that day?

I predict that they will blame the Democrats and media for showing an "unbalanced view" of the situation on the ground, focusing on the negative, which turned the nation's support against their little adventure. Since they have the ears and minds of the talking heads firmly on their side when it comes to what constitutes patriotism, how can we fight back against their propaganda?

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