Tuesday, March 07, 2006

From the Screen to the Streets

This is not a diary about electoral strategy or ranting for the sake of ranting, it is a call to action. The mirage of a Constitutional Crisis is not an illusion on the horizon, it is here and it is real.

The time has come for us to say "Enough is Enough" and take the collective outrage and frustration we've been building up for the past five years to the streets.

It is time to shatter the Rubberstamp Congress and demand an end to the fascist tyranny of the Bush misAdministration.

Working alone, we can only do what we can do, but working together we have the opportunity to awaken the power of the people and restore balance to our democracy. You have to believe it to make it happen. I am asking you to believe.

Take the anger, take the frustration, take the pain, take your memories, your stories, and channel it into a force for Change. It can happen, but we have to believe in ourselves. I believe in our power, because I read it everyday. Stories of violation, shame, pain, and silence, yet the stories never end there. They end in a firm resolve to never let the outrage happen again, the passion of an activist that spreads like fire from the screens of our computers. I know, because I have caught that flame from many of you.

What are your gifts?

Are you a photographer? Then take a picture of the beauty of this world and attach a message regarding the destruction of our environment. Send it to all of your friends along with a voter registration card or contact info to sign them up to vote.

Are you a painter? Create a masterpiece mural and hang it with pride, allowing your statement of dissent to reach the eyes of the sleeping voters of this country.

Are you a teacher? Ignite that flame of activism in your students. Make them understand that there is a crisis. Tell the stories that validate our greatest fears that the United States is on the edge of a knife and that it will take their voice, their push, that will help us keep from falling off the edge of full-blown fascism.

Are you an organizer and a leader? Get yourself to your local precinct meetings and run for office. Take the donkey by its ears and force it in the direction you wish it to go. Don't let them sideline you, demand a hearing for your complaints and offer your ideas for a better way. Make it happen.

Are you a writer, like me? Then use your gift of words and help change the wind of the newspapers across this country. Send your letters to the editors to local rags that reach the small towns, villages and parishes across the land. Make your voice heard, in the best way you know how, by utilizing your gifts.

We can not let the status quo remain in place.

It is time to step up our presence another notch. Many of us have been fighting for decades while others are at the beginning of many years of activism. Experience and passion matter, especially when we are working together, utilizing the best that we bring to the table.

The time is now because we have nothing to lose. There are no longer any more "ifs", they ARE torturing, spreading war, illegally spying on citizens, denying judicial process, stealing elections, ripping off basic human rights to citizens based on sexuality, gender, ethnicity and class; they are scandalizing the world with their economic policies, kicking the middle class down into the depths of society while lining the pockets of their cronies and personal investments.

We don't have to put up with their farcical leadership any longer. It is a bipartisan outrage, any Congresscritter who has enabled BushCo deserves to be a target of our passionate anger. The Congress has officially become a symbolic branch of the government, no longer a concrete check-and-balance to the tyranny of the PNAC monsters. We must awaken everyone and anyone we can to the truth of our dire situation.

It is time.

Channel that rage and spread the fires of activism to the streets until
We, The People
bring an end to this nightmare

What are you going to bring to the table?

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