Sunday, March 05, 2006

Sunday Open Thread

I'm just posting this here, um... just because (and hoping that there aren't 5 posts under it that I can't see... not sure why I often only get the cached site).

I don't have anything to say, but others do!

Dove has an Experiment up that she'd like feedback on.

[UPDATE] I have figured out how to update in Blogger. yay me!

katiebird not only freely (and publically!) snuggled in warm beds today (I'll let her explain), she took a took a peek at the day she began. Fun stuff...

oh, and speaking of fun stuff, there will be Red Carpet Oscar blogging! Badly dressed attendees of the academy... hide!

Over at liberal catnip (is there an illiberal one?), catnip has chosen this weeks person most deserving of the Honorary Canadian Award. Guess who!?

"In the end, it will be those of us, each with a single matchlight, who will hopefully provide that light of truth. "

Is that a gorgeous line or what? That's from the end of Duke1676's beautiful and heartfelt essay, "…and many miles to go before I sleep".

Almost forgot - olivia has some beautiful pictures up - in one of the latest, the flower people are dancing a dance of hope, and in another a small, tired and denuded tree has not given up... it's reaching to take hold of the moon! Oh, and um... a close encounter with a bug. Ahem.

I'm sure everyone else has lots of stuff too. I also have been thinking of the crossblog artsy thingy and I think we need a name... not carnival, but something to indicate the sort of round robin aspect of it (but not so colloquial). - We've decided on Ductape's suggestion of The BlogArts Conspiracy. Unless someone has objections?

Okay... open thread

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