Sunday, March 19, 2006

Sunday Touring!

If it's Sunday (and it is, no matter what some Aussies or Kiwis might say) then it's time to take a stroll around the Eegian (Eegeean?) neighborhood and see what everyone is up to. Um... and then remember to come back ;).

I'm one of those folks that doesn't "know a thing about art, but I know what I like", which is one reason I like Deano's ArtCrit site! He finds all sorts of interesting things, and then just lets you read into them what you want. Which is great, as I have no clue what some of it is... (although I think these are tonsils).

Michael (supersoling) suffers a loss and celebrates the life of a loved one. A love story, a story of family, life and trust, on many levels.

Olivia... well, what can I say? I was going to tell you how she's calmed down considerably (okay, well there was the Volcano, but still), but she's as racy as ever. She first lulls us with faerie ballarinas and their wings, and the most buttery Vying for Attention - then today she kicks it up a notch and hands us a flirty, windswept specimen that you can just tell is giving you an I'm-so-innocent--- NOT! look, with a broad wink and a smile. Definitely pretty in pink.

Imagine , catnip tells us, in heartrending and so true prose. Also, you can point in any direction of the Iraq debacle, and find someone to blame. Chalabi points at the fingers pointing right back at him.

Now, for this next you'll likely need a quiet room, your preferred beverage and a little time to recover your thoughts (and your power of speech, as this seems to have left so many speechless). Dove, in a powerful and powerfully simple essay, speaks on the On the Republic of Silence.

UPDATE! XicanoPwr picks up on Duke's powerful article on the new "internment camps" for immigrants and ties it in to Michelle Malkin's racist screed of a book, notices the similarity of language then and now, and lists some figures that many anti immigrant forces would rather ignore.

Hmmm... I probably shouldn't mention that katiebird is planning on committing more public lolling on vibrating beds, but I can mention her question about laughter! The health benefits of laughing have been noted... but what about the weightloss benefits? Also, don't forget the nightly Exercise Club (pom poms provided for those who prefer to just cheerlead!).

On the Left End of the Dial, James marks a day that will live in infamy. Sadly, there are way too many of those lately.

UPDATE AGAIN! You guys drive a hard bargain, but here it is, finally: Cheesecake!

Some can't access the blogger comments (at some sites), but this can be a discussion thread of whatever strikes your fancy, as well as an open thread.

More to come!

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