Monday, March 20, 2006

The Eegee Board Experiment

Over the past few days the open threads have been buzzing with brainstorming about a way for us to contact our fellow Eegian spirits across the time and space of the blogosphere. Kansas probably explained the situation best:

One day last week I realized that I'd left a question for James on three different threads over several days and he hadn't been around at just the right time to see any of them, nor was I around to nab him when he did appear. At the same time, Ductape was trying to chase Duke down and it took him two or three days to do it. I don't know why Duct didn't try email, but I didn't because the question just wasn't that big a deal to warrant adding to James' email pile, if that makes any sense.

So. . .I realized I had seen many situations, like over at Boo, where one person wanted to get another person's attention without using email to do it. Sometimes the email isn't available. Sometimes a person doesn't feel as if he knows the other person well enough to intrude into their home, etc. And I thought, hm, maybe we could make good use of a bulletin board. It will be (if it turns out this way) the blog equiv. of those cork boards that get put up in the lobby at conventions where people post little notes for people: "Catnip. Meet me in the cheesecake bar, 4:30. kansas."

With necessity being the mother of invention and all that, the collective wisdom of Eegeedom has started to formulate a solution: The Eegee Board.

The Eegee Board would be a central location where we could post up a message for a fellow Eegian that might be time sensitive, urgent or personal and could be missed in the flow of open threads. Here's what we've got so far:

The Eegee board would basically be a link to a semi-permanent Haloscan comment box that everyone could place on their homepage (or click on here at Man Eegee) to send and receive messages. At the present time it looks like it would be refreshed once a week, when all the old messages would be removed to make room for new ones (but the specifics are still to be worked out).

If you go to my blog and scroll down on the lower right you'll find some sample "buttons" we might use to access the Eegee board. The lower two gray ones are live and should bring you to the comments on this post. Please check them out make sure they work with your system/browser (there was already an IE problem that needed to tweak), and make any suggestions you have as to size, color, whatever… We could have a few different choices available to fit your blog style so if enough people want a white background w/black text, or a square one, or whatever it will be available. (we can also add new button styles over the course of time… which might be fun … like a clickable baby Tapir)

I guess the other thing we should discuss is Eegee Board etiquette…. Perhaps we should have a standard format for posting, just to make looking for messages easier. Something like:

  • To: _______

  • From:_________

  • RE:___________

  • Date___________

Anyway, lets use this as an open thread to discuss any ideas, improvements, suggestions, anything that you think would make the Eegee Board a better tool.

[UPDATE]: I've been informed that the use of the actual ouija board graphic might in fact be a copyright infringement and we would be best to not use it :(
... we still have the tapir, so that's a good thing :)
...and of course the regular text graphics

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