Thursday, March 23, 2006

His Lordship Dick Cheney

Tucson has the (unfortunate) honor of playing host to Dr. Evil himself today as he woos the Republican Elite of the Old Pueblo in support of Jon Kyl's upcoming reelection retirement.

Always the rabblerousers on the web, the folks over at The Smoking Gun have obtained official documentation from the Vice President's office on the exact specifications required for overnight hotel stays. (to be clear, they got it from a hotel, not the VP office staff)

It is ridiculous how out-of-touch these people are to everyday Americans. I wish I could provide a 5-star resort with explicit instructions on the amount of ice cubes required in my horchata. Life and death matters, you see.

Here's the form:

I wonder if the Faux News TV setting is designed so he can place his hands on the screen and commune directly with the talking-head minions? (I'm only half-kidding)

While you're at it, send Jim Pederson some love so he can end the reign of one of Darth Cheney's most loyal subjects.

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