Thursday, March 09, 2006

BlogArt Conspiring - Take Two!

I decided to slip in here and post the list of topic categories again. What we want to do is choose 3 from the list (we don't have a poll thingy yet) and just list them in order of preference. And to make it all fair, it can be a secret vote! Yes, yes... people will see your name, but they won't look. :)

(If anyone doesn't know what this is about, please read the comments in this thread)

Preliminary votes are in... but there is still time to vote for your favorites! Here is how things stand now:

Garden Theology - 1 vote
Curiosity - 2 votes
Oneness - 3 votes
Roads - 6 votes
Chronicles - 2 votes
Dreaming Dreams - 2 votes
Compassion - 2 votes
Conspiracy - 1 vote
Forbidden - 2 votes
Rock & Roll - 1 vote
Escape 1 vote
Friends & Strangers
Storms 2 votes
Hearts & Flowers
Broken - 1 vote
Guilt & Innocence

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