Sunday, March 12, 2006

Sunday Open Thread

Ahem! (OPEN thread means that y'all can speak, ya know), but first...

Lurkers of the (Eegee) world...unhide! Jump right on in, I hear there are rumors of cheesecake in the Welcome Wagon - liver flavored, even, for those so inclined. How can you resist?

And let's see...what's happening around the neighborhood - hmmm.

Well, I do have one piece of news - I'm afraid it's my duty to let everyone know that Olivia - yes, our sweet Olivia - is OUTTA CONTROL! It's true. Not only is she promoting Decadence on Pink Sheets, but she shows just where long legs will get you. And she invites us all to watch! Talk about voyeurism.

After you're done fanning your face, you'll want to see what supersoling is up to. First, he has a Defining Moment that contains lessons for us all. And then he introduces the Foot Family! Hilarity ensues. Michael seems just a tad skeptical, but me... I believe!

Deano has a Monkey With Two Goddesses, but it seems to me that one of the "goddesses" has just a little something extra...

catnip has the goods... Gitmo may be closing? With this crew in office though, even with what seems like good news, you always have to look for the even worse than before news behind it. Not for Rummy, though... fears of a pandemic have him rolling in dough!

UPDATE! Katiebird is telling the story of being run over by the car in spiked heels! In pieces. First you have to go read the thread called, interestingly enough, the My Big Toe thread. Then go to the Spiked Heels thread and get... well, not exactly the rest of the story... but more! (Who knew Eat4Today would turn out to be cliffhanger central?)(And, just to be clear, it's katiebird in the spiked heels... not the car).

Duke has some amazing photos of the march in Chicago that the media and politicians would like to pretend didn't happen. One is quite heartbreaking. Also, XicanoPwr shows us the story behind the story of the intersecting lines of US foreign policy and immigration policy, and why it matters.

Over at dove's perch (I always want to type "wilddove.blogspot" etc to get there, instead of wingeddove... I wonder why that is?) she wonders about some proposed sentencing guidelines. It seems that some don't quite see the difference between robbery and rape.

More to come!

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