Saturday, March 18, 2006

BlogArt Conspiring - final touches

We are almost ready to have our first conspiracy! There are just a few details to work out (such as length of each conspiracy, entrants limits per topic, lead time and so on).

There is, however, progress! We've voted on the first two topics, and we'll just decide on the others as we go. Having at least two, though, will give us and participants a bit of time to plan.

First topic, on the strength of 6 votes is Roads. Second, with 3 votes, is Oneness.

Now... how it will work (let me know if you think it's too complicated). On each successive day of the conspiracy, all involved (and anyone else who wants to) will put up a post on their blog (if they have one, unblogged people also welcome to participate)similar to this:

The BlogArt Conspiracy

Topic 1 -Roads

Day 1 Conspirator BLOG NAME


Q: What do you want people to know about you? A: Blah, blah and lots more blah.

Q: Another fun and insightful question. A: Another brilliant answer.

2 more questions and answers, including what medium they choose (writing, painting, poetry, etc) and why.

previously featured Conspirators

Day 1 link
Day 2 link
And so on

So... What do you think of that format? And, how many entrants per topic (this will determine the length of each conpiracy). How often ... every other month? Every month? And anything else I've forgotten.

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