Tuesday, March 14, 2006

My Tinfoil Hat is Sexy

And why not? I have to wear it so much nowadays that I might as well look good wearing it.
Maj. Pete Tufaro scanned the fenced lot packed with hundreds of stark white trailers soon to be inhabited by Hurricane Katrina evacuees. Shaking his head, he predicted the cramped quarters would ignite fights, hide criminals and become an incubator for crime, posing another test for his cash-strapped sheriff's department, which furloughed 206 of its 390 officers after the storm.

Tufaro thinks the parish has the solution: DynCorp International LLC, the Texas company that provided personal security to Afghan President Hamid Karzai and is one of the largest security contractors in Iraq. If the Federal Emergency Management Agency approves the sheriff's department's proposal, which would cost $70 million over three years, up to 100 DynCorp employees would be deputized to be make arrests, carry weapons, and dress in the St. Bernard Parish Sheriff's Department khaki and black uniforms.

You read that correctly. These private contractors will be wearing the same uniforms as the local sheriff deputies. The biggest difference between them is the rate of pay, which is causing a bit of a stir, according to the full article.

This, however, sent my antenna into spark-shooting mode
For DynCorp and other private security companies, the post-Katrina Gulf Coast, like Iraq, is a land of opportunity.
Opportunity. Nice. Tell that to these victims of that lucrative "opportunity".

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